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Top 10 Tips to Support Our Pelvic Health

Top 10 Tips to Support Our Pelvic Health

10 Simple ways to support your pelvic health and continence

   1. Drink enough water to be optimally hydrated but not too much that may aggravate your symptoms.

2. Add More Vegetables to EVERY MEAL and juice if you can too. Fibre will keep your bowels clear and of course juicing will introduce vital vitamins and minerals to your system almost immediately!

3. Know Your Fats & Add More of the Good Fats – essential for EVERY FUNCTION in your body.

4. Add More Protein to EVERY MEAL – hugely improves your blood sugar and appetite control.

5. Add More Walking – it’s the most natural, restorative movement & helps you make Vitamin D. Vital for Pelvic Health.

6. Add More Short & Sweaty Exercise Sessions For Optimum Fat Loss and to boost your Human Growth Hormone – it will keep you younger! (Remember that carrying excess weight can increase incontinence symptoms)

7. Add More Silence, Stillness, Sleep. Stopping & Relaxing – because being stress makes and keeps you fat, ages you and exhausts you!

8. Add More Compassion & Self-Care – because!

9. Reduce your sugar intake wherever possible. See my article for some more detail about Sugar, sugar, sugar!

10. Know that it’s a journey and every single step forward is PROGRESS!

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