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For 90 minutes YOU are number One

Grace Wellness

for 90 minutes YOU are number One

Grace Wellness

Whether you have just had a baby or you are at the peri-post menopause period of your life this appointment is for you!

Are you looking to return to exercise safely?

Are you having pelvic floor issues?

Are you experiencing back pain due to poor posture or poor core strength?

Are you are looking to lose some weight?

Are you stressed and anxious and know you have been adopting unhealthy coping strategies?

Are you finding the Menopause is making you miserable?

Do you want to ensure you are entering life after Menopause with joy and vitality?

For 90 minutes YOU are number One! Consider it a wellness check, a stock check, a chance to start something new or return to something you did before, with confidence.

During the 90 minutes;

I will carry out a postural assessment and tummy check. We will look at how you stand, how you move, how the tummy muscles are, and how you breathe.

We will discuss where you are at and where you would like to be. We will look at what might be contributing to any issues you raise and start a plan for you going forward. It might be you would benefit from one of the other Holistic Core Restore ® programmes I offer or perhaps will need a referral to your GP or Women’s Health Physio.

You will receive a massage treatment, focusing on any areas we have identified from assessment.

You will leave with something to take into your everyday life. It might be some stretches, it might be a nutritional change, it might be specific exercises, it might be particular stress relieving strategies. Either way I want you to leave feeling better than you arrived!

How do I sign up?

This appointment costs £65 and can be booked below.

You will be sent a thorough pre-screening questionnaire on booking, please complete this promptly so that I can be well prepared for your appointment and to save us time during your appointment. Payment is required upon booking.