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Redress the balance

4th Trimester

Redress the balance

4th Trimester

A Programme created to SUPPORT YOU THE MOTHER! From our experience we found that so many women were confused as to what they should and shouldn’t be doing in the very early weeks and months post birth because quite simply, the information and care offered is usually directed mainly towards the health of the baby and many mums are left relatively unsupported.

The Holistic Core Restore Programme – ‘4th Trimester’ aims to redress the balance and provide AN ESSENTIAL ‘in between programme’ full of supportive, nurturing advice for the new mum in this important restorative and deep self-care period.

Who is this programme for?

This Programme is for you if you answer ‘YES’ to most of these questions:

Are you newly Post Natal and feeling that you need more support in your role as a mother and the practicalities of the early days? This programme will help.

Are you coming towards the end of your Pregnancy and want to be as prepared as possible in your early Post Natal days? This programme will help.

Do you need help organising your Support Systems and the people who can help you so that you have the time and space to truly recover? This programme will help.

Are you unclear about how to perform the Pelvic Floor exercises that you were told to perform? This programme will help.

Have you developed aches and pains because of the changes in your postural alignment and need help to get comfortable in your body again? This programme will help.

Do you want to learn how to make a nurturing ‘Babymoon’ for you and your baby where you deeply focus on both of your deepest needs and connecting? This programme will help.

So how does it work?

The programme is taught as a small group workshop suitable from late pregnancy.

You will create your own individual plan and get to meet other mums to be

Safe Advice on gentle core and pelvic floor re-connection

How to implement effective and time-efficient self-care strategies

Ideas on how to organise your maternal support system

Ways to start building the strong foundation required for your return to formal exercise.

Advise on vital nutrition for a deep Post Natal recovery

This goes far deeper that preparing the freezer food – it’s about controlling the ‘controlables’ in the new days of being a new mum.

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